Outernet Arts, London
Vibrante – Valentina Villarroel
JAAR – Roma
Lyon Show – Nicolás Jaar & Aho Ssan
Pratt Photography – MFA/BFA Ads, Matte Magazine
Poster for Nicolás Jaar / Aho Ssan Concert, Paris 2024
Cenizas – Nicolás Jaar
The German Pavilion at the Venice Biennale
Overtones Residency – LA
Other People mix 34 - Violeta by Fakesamo
Steals – Vtgnike
Dienne – Addio
Imbalance – Sary Moussa
Bandiera Di Carta – Tomaga & Pierre Bastien
Rhizomes – Aho Ssan
Nicolás Jaar
Pratt Photography Talk Series
A Collective Memoir
17 Artists Capture a Surreal New York From Their Windows – NYTimes
A call to prayer – Nithin Shams
10th Berlin Biennale for Contemporary Art
Here is a New Angle on the Shape of the World – NYTimes
Blue Eyes – VAAL
Other Words – Schick Toikka
Reading Room – Pratt Photography
Would It Sound Just As Bad If You Played It Backwards?
Network Posters
Beyond Repair
Wunderman Thompson
Nosferatu – Vaal
$<>a Medium
A Common Misunderstanding of the Speed of Light – Charbel Haber
Resident Advisor – for Cenizas by Nicolás Jaar
Pomegranates – Nicolás Jaar
¡mieĢrcoles! – Stéphanie Janaina and Nicolás Jaar
Savannah Is Not A Desert Anymore
Brilliant! Pristine! Countries Sling Epic Tourism Slogans! – NYTimes
Network – Nicolás Jaar
Zwang! Medium
Africanus Okokon + Maziyar Pahlevan flexi disc
Daniel Avery Events
Tribute to Whistle
Other People Events
Talking to In-laws Can Be Hard. In Some Languages, It’s Impossible. – NYTimes
Steal – Animation
All Mouth
Space 1.8 – Nala Sinephro – WARP Records
AIGA – Eye On Design Magazine – Issue 01
Africanus Okokon + Maziyar Pahlevan (Sound Works + Art Works),
Pale Blue Dot
Outernet Web tool
Reading Room E-book
Museum of Arts and Design (MAD)
Nafsika Skourti
Sportification – Annual Reportt
Patience of a traitor – Saint Abdullah
The Distance Plan
No More Boring Records – Tiga
Vaal, UK
Human Vortex
Other Words Exhibition
Untitled(Expert) Regular
10th Berlin Bienalle Animation
Yale Daily News