Rhizomes – Aho Ssan
Cenizas – Nicolás Jaar
Other People mix 34 - Violeta by Fakesamo
Steals – Vtgnike
Imbalance – Sary Moussa
Patience of a traitor – Saint Abdullah
Dienne – Addio
Bandiera Di Carta – Tomaga & Pierre Bastien
A call to prayer – Nithin Shams
Space 1.8 – Nala Sinephro
A Collective Memoir
Blue Eyes – VAAL
Pomegranates – Nicolás Jaar
Africanus Okokon + Maziyar Pahlevan (Sound Works)
Tribute to Whistle
Would It Sound Just As Bad If You Played It Backwards?
Nosferatu – Vaal
Savannah Is Not A Desert Anymore